A look at Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome has been there for a while and captured many users, some even switched from Firefox to Chrome. Chrome has been remarkable where speed and performance is concerned, though there were issues with flash objects open simultaneously in multiple tabs. But, overall it has been doing great!

However, Google Chrome is available for Windows only and a Mac version is awaited. It is said to be released this fall. Mac users are waiting to get their hands on Chrome for Mac. Manu J, a developer has made a stripped-down, basic version of Chrome for Mac. The application does not offer all the features of Chrome, but it works, and it works fast like Chrome.

I downloaded it and tested it out for a while and was impressed, it is really fast and gives the Chrome feel on Mac. There are a few features missing, including Open in new tab, Flash support (YouTube), Deleting bookmarks, etc. but it should be good for some basic surfing and checking out Chrome on your Mac.

Here’s the link to the Download! - Download Now