A preview of Postbox mail client

Postbox is a new E-mail client that was just released as public beta yesterday. It delivers E-Mails, RSS Feeds and Newsletters. I played with Postbox yesterday and found it to be “a beautiful and feature enhanced Thunderbird”. It feels like Mozilla Thunderbird but has more features like ToDo lists and tagging. The interface also looks a bit different with hooded transparent windows and pop-up menus.

So, lets run down through the features of Postbox.

First lets take a glance at all the features:

  • Advanced Searching
  • Contact panes
  • Conversation views
  • Introspector pane
  • E-Mail tagging
  • Tabbed browsing
  • ToDo lists

In-depth look at Postbox

Advanced Searching

You can search for E-mails by entering the sender’s name or e-mail address, by typing the subject, duration of e-mail or even a few words that it contains.

Contact Panes

Just by clicking on a contact, you can view his/her picture, organization, telephone numbers, IM address, postal address and more.

Conversation views

E-Mails with the same subject are grouped as conversations so that you can view all the responses sent and received for the subject.

Introspector pane

By clicking on a mail, you can see the images attached, addresses mentioned and web links in the mail.

E-Mail Tagging

You can tag your e-mails as Personal, Work, etc. and by clicking on a tag, you can see all the mails with that tag. This is my favorite feature as I can tag purchase orders and re-view software serial numbers during installation. It has lots of creative uses.

Tabbed browsing

Now you can use the tabbed browsing functionality and view your Inbox, Sent items, Drafts and even Compose a message from the same window.

ToDo lists

Now maintain your ToDo list right from the E-mail client!

Download Now (Windows and Mac)