Amazon appstore dominates the Android

Amazon is a giant when it comes to online shopping. It has dominated the eCommerce market since a long time. Recently, amazon has expanded into many other areas including eBooks with the Amazon Kindle. Kindle’s success has given a great place to Amazon in the eBooks market as well. Furthermore, amazon has entered many other areas like Amazon MP3 (competition to iTunes Store) and also Amazon Video on demand (competition to Hulu and other video streaming services). These are not the leading services yet but are definitely attracting some consumers.

About a month ago, Amazon announced its Appstore for Android. Thousands of developers signed up for the Developer program which is Free for the first year. A few days ago, Amazon launched its awaited Appstore for Android with the help of the popular game Angry Birds. The Rio edition of Angry Birds launched exclusively on the Amazon Appstore which attracted millions of consumers to Amazon’s new venture. Recent statistics suggests that Amazon surpassed Google in many areas with its Appstore. Looks like Amazon is living up to its “a to z” mark.

If you are an Android user and have not already checked out Amazon Appstore, it definitely worth a look. It also has a daily giveaway (inspired by FreeAppADay for iOS devices).

Link: Amazon Appstore