Are we getting closer to Quantum computing?

Computers are fascinating. Today, we use it for all our personal and work needs. They are also present in a lot of devices in different forms. Besides a personal computer and a smartphone, computers are present in everything from a television set to a car. Since computers have a lot of applications, we need more powerful computers as we advance into the future. We have made exponential progress in speed and performance since the Pentium computers but we are soon going to hit a limit where we cannot produce faster computers due to constraints of Physics. That’s where Quantum computers come in.

Quantum computers harness the power of atoms and molecules to perform tasks. This gives the ability to process information much faster compared to our current silicon chip based computers. Quantum computers have been under development for quite some time but we soon might see quantum computers produced for consumer needs. University of Bristol’s Center for Quantum Photonics has developed a photonic chip that paves the way to programmable quantum processors. What does this mean? It just means we are getting closer to the future of computing.

Press Release: University of Bristol