Backblaze gets complete backup solution

Data is most important and loss of data could be a great nightmare. So, Backblaze has got a solution to it. Backblaze has introduced complete online backup service that backs up your computer (Windows or Mac) completely and allows you to recover your data when you need it. The backup process is seamless so as soon as you create a file, its backed up! though you could change the setting to manual.

Backblaze is a subscription based service and they charge US$5/month or US$50/year. During recovery, you could download your files for free or could ask for it on a DVD or a USB hard drive which is chargeable.

You could try the service free for 15 days. Visit: Backblaze for more info.

If you are looking FREE solution, then you could use Mozy Home which backs up only important files that you choose for free. To get Mozy Home, click here.