CES 2012 - Day 1

CES 2012 has begun! I have seen a lot of cool things today and this post is a summary of my first day at CES. I will not cover all the flashy news that is on every news channel and blog on the internet, but rather my exploration of the CES Exhibit floor.

Here are the exhibits I visited and some summary about them:

HyperDrive - I saw the CloudFTP device at the booth. It allows you to hookup USB storage and access the files over the internet. Much information about how it tackles the firewall, handles dynamic IP addresses, etc. was not available.

DollyDrive - This is TimeMachine backups on the cloud. It allows you to backup your Mac to the cloud, access files online and via the iPhone app. I still have to sign up and checkout the service for myself.

GoPano EyeSee360 - A really cool photography accessory for the iPhone. It attaches itself to the iPhone case and has mirrors inside. The app lets you take a picture or record video and you can move it around on the computer to see the panoramic views or see the image or video from different perspectives. I learnt the technical aspect of this but don’t want to spoil the secret.

TeleNav Scout - Scout is a personal assistant from TeleNav. It gives you directions to the place you want to go and also lets you discover points of interests around you. This syncs across your computer, your phone and the in-car unit. The API will let developers use Scout services in their own apps.

BlueGiga - BlueGiga makes bluetooth components (chips) and sells them. These can be attached to a PCB and used for bluetooth connectivity. It is for hardware enthusiasts working on projects that need bluetooth connectivity.

Sony (NFC) - Sony makes NFC chips and sells them. These can be wired up with a circuit for NFC capabilities. It is for hardware enthusiasts working on projects that need NFC. This is based in Sony Japan but there are retail contacts in California.

Samsung - Transparent LCD Displays! Samsung just demoed transparent LCD displays that that touch capabilities using infrared. This has a lot of interesting applications. It will be the windshield of future cars. This is based in Samsung Korea.

PeoplePower - A simple answer to home automation. PeoplePower sells power adapters that let you plug anything in the power socket and control it via the iPhone app. So if you have bedroom lights plugged into the adapter, then you can use the app to turn on lights and switch them off. This can be used around the house to control different appliances. Though a gateway needs to be installed that manages these power adapters and talks to the WiFi network. PeoplePower makes the software for these adapters.

TransferJet - This is the future of file transfer. A chip similar to NFC that allows fast data transfer between two devices. It is designed to transfer large files such as pictures or videos. Many manufacturers such as Toshiba, Sony and Samsung will use this in their future products.

Motorola - Motorola had a massive display focused for consumers. I played with their phones and tablets and spoke to some of the employees. It was a pretty attractive setup.

Besides these, there are many more booths that I visited, including Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon and Polaroid. These just showcased the latest line of products and were all consumer focused.