CES 2012 - Day 2

Today was the second day of CES 2012. I got to explore more innovations in different areas of technology. Here is the next part of my of exploration of the exhibit floor at CES:

Next EDGE technology: A Japanese company that makes face and hand detection software. It works with any webcam. The software uses an algorithm to detect faces and hands and can be used for controlling devices. A nice demo of the technology was presented at the booth.

P2i: A great advancement in fluid nanotechnology. P2i does coatings on electrical components which makes it water repellant, essentially preventing corrosion. The booth had paper napkins with the coating and the napkins where dry and stiff even after submerging them in the water. The non-coated napkins on the other hand absorbed the water and became soggy. Again, very cool stuff.

ArcSoft: ArcSoft has developed a new ArcSync service which allows files to be synced across devices. They have also developed a set of Android applications which will use this service. Lenovo is believed to ship their tablets loaded with these applications.

Opera: Opera is moving with the times. They have some really awesome TV interface which lets you install apps to your TV through their marketplace. It also has the web browser in the system and allows surfing on the big screen. Some major manufacturers are expected to use this in the upcoming television models.

Blackberry: Playbook, Playbook, Playbook! Blackberry’s Playbook tablet was the center of attention. The booth was filled with demo units and there were a lot of people from Blackberry showcasing the new OS 2 for the tablet.

Qualcomm: The best booth at CES! The snapdragon s4 processor is going to be released soon, which was displayed at the booth. There were some really fascinating augmented reality demos as well as impressive face detection demos at the booth.

Lenovo: Lenovo showcased their ultrabooks at the booth. Ultrabooks are the focus at CES this year with impressive models from ASUS, Samsung and Lenovo. There were also a lot of different phones and tablets showcased at the booth. The phones are released in Mainland China and will release in the US soon. The tablets are set to release during Q2 of 2012.

Besides these booths, I also checked out some other booths such as Skype and a few more. I will be covering more tomorrow.