CES 2012 - Day 3

Today was the third day of CES 2012. I saw another set of new impressive technology and electronics at the exhibit floor. Here are the exhibits that I visited:

Zinwell: Zinwell makes a lot of different electronic components. Their new wireless HDMI solution looked promising. The system has two parts: a USB drive that goes into the computer and a receiver that hooks up to the TV via HDMI and takes in power. The device has a nice compact design and the video playback at the booth seemed pretty smooth.

Dynamics: This is the future of credit cards! Dynamics makes electronic credit cards that let you store multiple card information in one card and press buttons to activate that account on the card. The magnetic strip is written when the button is pressed to select an account. They have also made a version that lets you select between Cash and Rewards for cards that allow payments using rewards.

Marvell: Marvell is making the next-gen Google TVs. They showcased Google TVs on their booth and are going to be releasing new set top boxes with Google TV.

Nvidia: Nvidia showcased a lot on their booth. Two of the main were their Tegra 3 processor for tablets and their graphics cards. They had several ASUS Transformer Prime tablets with keyboard docks on the booth which run their latest Tegra 3 quad-core processor.

Besides these booths, I saw some other booths in the area and had discussions with some of the people. The rest would be covered tomorrow.