CES 2012 - Day 4

Today was the last day of CES 2012. It was also a bit shorter. The exhibit floor closed at about 4 pm. I did manage to visit several more exhibits. Here are the exhibits that I visited:

Dyyno: Have you cut the cable yet? Dyyno makes video streaming apps that allow you to watch live content on your tablet and TV. They support Roku and third party Android-based boxes. Dyyno partners with content providers and makes apps which stream live content. Once most major networks head to this direction, cable would start fading away.

Memorette: A Korean storage device producer that makes USB drives and memory cards. The USB drives are really well designed and are pretty compact. The read/write speeds are supposed to be at par with the competition but I have not tested them out myself. Again, good product design.

Innochips Technology: A Korean company that has finally done remotes right. A small physical remote that connects via bluetooth to computers and tablets, has a small QWERTY keyboard on one side and main keys on the other side. Popular devices such as the Google TV come with massive full-sized keyboards which are not suitable for TVs. A solution like this allows normal control using the small remote and have a keyboard on the other side for text entry.

Iowne: A Chinese company that designs cases for tablets. This Chinese company has done real research in design. They have gotten inspired from Apple’s smart covers for the iPad 2 and have made similar magnetic cases for tablets that are like an envelope but can be made into a cone using magnets inside, and then used as a stand.

I’m watch: We have Android phones, Android tablets, what’s next? Android watches! This Italian creator has made a small iPod nano sized watch with a touch screen and Android OS. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and enables access to Phone, Messages, Mail, Contacts and Media. It has 4 Gigs of internal storage out of which about 2 Gigs is used by the system and the rest is for media. The watch can also be used as a storage drive using the USB cable provided with the watch.

Square Trees: iPad is popularly known as a mobile gaming device but lacks physical keys. Square Trees bridges the gap by making transparent rubber squares that stick to the screen to provide a physical button experience to gamers.

Scrible: Do you read webpages and want to highlight text and make notes on them? Scrible is a web app that lets you do just that and save your work into their cloud account. Now they even support the iPad.

SurfEasy: If you use public computers all the time for surfing and want privacy, SurfEasy’s USB drive lets you surf using their own web browser which saves your bookmarks, has your browsing history and keeps all of the on the USB drive so none of the information stays on the public computer.

That concludes CES 2012. It was great exploring new technologies showcased at CES. Subscribe to the blog via RSS or follow me on twitter to stay connected.