Chrome gets an Incredible start page

Google Chrome has been out for a long time with users switching to Chrome from all different browsers. The main feature lagging in Chrome that kept users to Firefox was Extensions. But since Google has finally added support for extensions in Chrome, there are tons of cool extensions pouring into the extensions gallery. Today I have a new extension that takes your Chrome browser to a higher level.

Its the new Incredible Start Page extension. It replaces the default start page screen that has thumbnails of pinned sites, to a new flashy screen that has a sticky note for jotting down quick tasks, Bookmark and Recently visited sites, along with a nice in-browser wallpaper of your choice from Flickr that has all your bookmarks from the Bookmarks bar. This is a unique design for a start page and is quite impressive. The personalized picture and the sticky note, make it the most appealing to me…

You can download and install this extension from this page.

Note: It is broken for Incognito windows. You will get a Page Not Available, when you open tabs in Incognito windows, but I think the developer should fix that soon. Besides that, its a great customization and is definitely worth a try!