Disable Metro in Windows 8

The Windows 8 launch is right around the corner. People that have purchased PCs recently will get incentives for upgrading to Windows 8 by either getting a license for a lower price or even a free upgrade. While the new Metro interface brings Windows to new tablet devices, its not the best interface for desktops or even laptop computers. The horizontal scrolling makes it tedious to use the Metro screen with many non-touch devices. Some users might want to use the good old Start menu in Windows 8 and disable the Metro screen completely. Windows does not have a setting for this but there are third party applications that let you do this.

ViStart is a Windows application that will disable the Metro screen on Windows 8 and add the old Start menu on the taskbar. Whenever the Metro screen shows up, it automatically selects Desktop and exists out of the Metro screen and when the application launches on system start-up, it will add the start button on the taskbar.

Link: Download ViStart for Windows 8