FileShuttle lets you share files with a drag!

With more social networking and web communications, sharing files online is becoming a basic need, and not just file sharing, its sharing files with a click! There are great solutions out there like Dropbox, ZumoDrive and many others. However, today I came across an awesome Mac application that lets you share files with a drag! The unique feature about this app is that you have to use your own FTP server to upload and share files.

Many new online file sharing services startup and allow massive amount of space, but it all costs great bandwidth and leads to either shutting down the service or making it a paid service. Unless it is well structured. And losing your uploaded stuff can be really annoying as links start breaking. So if you have your own website with a hosting account, this app can be of great use. Just drag files to the dock icon and its uploaded to your server with the URL in the clipboard! You can also use shortner to automatically shorten URLs for tweeting or just easy sharing.

The app is new and has limited features, but I expect more updates with new features like menu bar integration, more URL shortening options and advanced preferences.

Visit FileShuttle website