Focusing and Getting Things Done...

Today’s post is about focusing on your tasks and getting things done. I love being productive and if you have seen the “My Softwares” page, you will know that I have made 2 Adobe AIR apps and both are GTD apps. So, I was surfing the web and found 3 forms that you can print and use to focus on tasks and complete them on time.

Daily Plan is my favorite. It lets you write top 3 tasks of the day and also reason them, this helps you to set the top tasks with a good reason. There is place for 8 other tasks you can list for that day. Once you fill the card, you can keep it in front fo your eyes and work on those tasks according to priority and then strike them off once they are complete.

Satisfying things I wanna to do This Week Dammit is a form that lets you manage tasks of a complete week by listing them and assigning the day of completion. You can also keep adding tasks as they come up. It again has fields for top 3 tasks of the week followed by other tasks. You can also take down day-specific tasks in the space below the particular day and write notes there. This form is a great weekly organizer.

Daily Re-focus allows you to write your monthly tasks and monitor the progress of the tasks by marking it as “no attempt”, “some progress” and “full force”. You can see the sheet everyday and work on the tasks and strike them off when complete. This one is not that useful for me as I prefer daily and weekly organizers, but its great for poeple working on many projects/tasks.

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