Gizmo Drive mounts disk images for you

Gizmo Drive is a free software that mounts almost any virtual hard drive you have, right from ISO, BIN, CUE, MDS, MDF, NRG to the new virtual hard drive (VHD) images supported in Windows 7. Besides mounting the disks, it can also create images from the disks you insert or even burn images to writable media. And that’s not it, it can even set up a ram drive and create password-protected, encrypted virtual hard drives for storing sensitive data. Like most virtualization apps, you can either pre-allocate the virtual drive’s full capacity or allow it to expand on-the-fly !

There are other alternaives like DAEMON Tools, ISODisk, Virtual CD-ROM, and Pismo File Mount, but Gizmo Drive may be the first we’ve seen that’s added VHD support, as well as providint the two features of setting up a RAM drive and protected drives.

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