Gmail gets the "Undo send" feature!

Have you sent an E-mail and regretted the next moment that you hadn’t ?? This happens a lot of times. Sometimes, when you miss a point in the mail, or forget to attach a file or even send a mail to the wrong person. Well, we all have wished for an “Undo send” feature, but there was no such thing. But now there is! Gmail has just introduced the “Undo send” feature as a part of Google Labs.

When you send a mail, you can see a Mail sent notification, just like when you save a draft or archive a mail. The notification will have an Undo link and will only stay for 5 seconds. If you click on the Undo link, then the message will be opened back in the Compose tab.

To enable the Undo send feature, go to Settings -> Labs and find the Undo send feature in the list. Then click on the Enable radio button and Save Changes.