Google Drive gets out of the bag

There have been rumors about Google Drive - Google’s cloud storage service. Today, Google has finally unveiled Google Drive. It stores your files on the cloud and syncs them across all your devices. Windows, Mac and Android apps have been released and the iOS app is due in a few weeks. Google Drive offers 5GB of space for free and charges for additional storage. Google Docs have now been merged into the new Google Drive, so all your docs are in the Drive and the Google Docs editor has been embedded into the Drive web application.

So how is Google Drive different from Dropbox, SugarSync, Microsoft SkyDrive and ZumoDrive? If is comes to storing files in the cloud and keeping them in sync across all your devices, then its no different. The big difference with Google Drive is that it allows editing Google Docs files which itself is a major product. Other than that, nothing more there. If you are looking for cloud storage, here is a list of current free capacity offered by providers: Dropbox (2GB), SugarSync (5GB), SkyDrive (25GB - Limited time), ZumoDrive (2GB). Although these numbers are likely to go up in order to compete with Google Drive.

Want to get started with Google Drive? Here is the link.