Google joins the eBooks race

Along with the Amazon Kindle store, Apple iBooks store and many others like Barnes and Noble, Google has joined the eBook race. Google just released its eBookstore with over 3 million titles. Just like Amazon Kindle, Google supports a wide variety of devices. eBookstore has launched with clients for iOS, Android, Nook, Sony and a web-based reader, though some functionality is restricted to web at the moment.

The eBookstore website is massive with lots of content but navigating through the content is not very intuitive. There is a lots of searching and scrolling to get around the store. There are some categories like New Arrivals and Top Sellers to get you started. I tried out the iPhone client which seems pre-mature, you can only download and read purchased books, to get new books you are redirected to Google’s website in Safari and there is no way to manage books. This needs to be done through its web-based client on the computer. So the eBookstore is a little raw at the moment be some revamp and further development of clients can get Google along with Amazon and Apple in the race.

You can visit the eBookstore here.