Google TV Announced

It was the third Google I/O and there were many exciting announcements. From the new 2.2 Android firmware to Chrome’s AppStore with rich web apps. But the one announcement that caught everyones attention was Google TV.

So What is Google TV?

Its the TV and web meeting together. In other words, the TV hooking up to the internet. In a way, this has been possible using gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and the Wii. But Google TV will be a dedicated system into the TV that will let you search for TV shows and movies on your cable network and online. You would also get the capability to run Android apps on the TV and do things like updating your Facebook status and use twitter.

How do I get Google TV?

Google will start selling Google TV consoles with WiFi and Ethernet in them so you can hook the console to your existing TV and get internet connectivity along with Google’s TV system and ability to run Android apps. Google has also partnered with Sony and Logitech so they can manufacture “Internet TVs” as Sony calls them. These will have the Google TV system right out of the box, so you can just plug you TV in and connect to the web.


Google TV will be available in Fall 2010 in the United States. Other countries will get Google TV in 2011 and Google TV will be made OpenSource in mid-2011.