Hands-on: Tweetie for Mac

Atebits is known for their great Tweetie app for the iPhone, and today they released Tweetie for Mac! it just went live for download. Tweetie for Mac has a nice slick interface with a two columns: The thin pane on the left shows the Twitter Avatar with tabs for Timeline, Replies, Messages and search. The pane on the right has a broad view for the Tweets.

Besides the beautiful interface, Tweetie offers great features such as one button URL shortening, Tweeting pics and most importantly (for some) support for multiple accounts!

Tweetie is available for $19.95 with the introductory offer of $14.95. However, you can download a fully functional version with Ad-support, just as Twitterific.

Now lets get to the Hands-on. Here are my impressions:


  • Nice interface

  • Multiple account support

  • Once button URL shortening and Pic sharing

  • Customize font size for comfortable reading


  • Hotkey support not satisfactory (Cannot use Command+W or Command+E)

  • Some keys are reserved by Tweetie

  • No Interface switching (An alternative compact Twitterific-style interface would have been really cool - without the tabs and only Timeline)

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