Hotmail gets Maps and more

Microsoft has just enriched Hotmail a bit, after the recent Gmail updates. The updates go right from advertisement placement changes to maps and social networking updates. After the Unlimited storage by Yahoo Mail and continuously increasing storage by Gmail, Microsoft has also introduced its ever growing storage. The mailbox capacity keeps expanding as you get more mails. Hotmail had mailbox themes from before Gmail and others but were limited, so now they had added several themes to the collection.

Here’s a complete list of features:

More room for messages. We’ve moved the banner ad from the top of the screen to the side so you can see more messages listed in your inbox.

Ever growing storage. Our storage grows with you – You start with 5 GB of storage, and it automatically increases as you need it. So you don’t have to worry about whether to keep a message or delete it.

Info at your fingertips. Making plans with friends and family is easy. When you’re writing a message, it’s just one click to add local maps, direction, movie times, and more. We’re trying this out in the US and the UK to get feedback for now, but more places are on the way.

A little more social. Open your Hotmail to the Today page to see what’s new with the people you know, like the latest stuff they’ve posted on blogs, Twitter or Flikr.

A new way to get Hotmail on your phone. POP3 technology is available to Hotmail users in a bunch of countries for free now, so it’s easy to add Hotmail to the e-mail program on your phone.

More style. Choose from more themes (and some that change based on things like time of day or weather) and edit your email signature in HTML.

Via: Windows Live Hotmail Blog