HP's Palm Pre 2 hits UK

Palm’s webOS was getting some attention after iOS and Android, and then HP bought Palm. There was a lot of talk about what HP was upto. Was webOS a threat to them, or did they want to use it in their products and develop it further? Well, after a delayed launch today, 2 days after its original November 12th launch date, HP just released the Palm Pre 2 with their revised version of webOS. The Palm Pre 2 is on sale in the United Kingdom for £399.00 (SIM free and Unlocked), through the HP Palm UK website. Apparently major carriers in the UK do not want to sell the Pre 2 as they are more inclined towards the iPhone and Android devices, not to mention the recent Windows Phone 7s.

So, is this a dead-end for Palm, or will things turn around for them? We’ll see as time progresses. As of now, Pre 2 is on sale in the UK without a carrier. If you are in the UK and want to get yourself a Palm Pre 2, then head to the product webpage at Palm UK.