Lunascape combines all browsers out there

Tired of having multiple browsers on your computer?  If you are a web programmer, you would need to test a web page on multiple browser platforms, or you might need a specific browser to access specific web apps or services due to incompability or restrictions. Well, here is the solution - Lunarscape. It handles all three of the rendering engines at once - IE (Trident), Firefox (Gecko) and Safari/Chrome (WebKit). When you open a new tab or click on a link in Lunascape, you can tell the browser which engine you want to use. You can also set up certain sites to open using a particular engine.

Developers claim the browser is faster than all others, thanks to its optimized implementation of Gecko. Besides supporting multiple engines, it is full-featured. It has native support for RSS feeds, Podcasts, Password Manager, Form filler, support for mouse gestures for navigation and tons of other tweaks. Lunascape supports its own plug-ins and themes, as well as the add-ons for Internet Explorer. However it does not support Firefox add-ons, which is its greatest weakness.

Lunascape is in all a great browser and everyone should defifitely try it out!

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