Manage your projects with Verb

There are many ways to manage tasks and projects online. Right from simple apps that just work to complex apps that suite your needs. Verb is a new Web application that lets you manage your projects in a simple and elegant web interface. You can create projects, add tasks, set priorities and due dates and keep your self on the track. Then you can check them off as they are complete.

When you add a project, Verb will ask you to enter the title and a short description of the project. Once you do this, you will have the project listed in your Projects tab.

You can then add a task by going to the Tasks tab and adding a task. You need to enter the task name, description, project (to which this task need to be added), set Tags, due date and priority (as Critical, Todo and Maybe). You could also choose Quick Add and just enter the name of the task. Once you add a task to the project, you can see it from the Tasks tab or the Dashboard, arranged as per priority.

iPhone Application

So far, Verb is only accessible via the Web app on the computer, but an iPhone app is under development and would be released soon.

If you need simple and elegant project management, then Verb is a great option.