Microsoft My Phone coming soon

Microsoft has powered up their new My Phone website. My Phone is a new MobileMe kind of sync service for the Windows Mobile masses. It allows users to backup their phone into the cloud with a password, manage and update the information from the web app, and restore the backups. Its a re-branding of the SkyBox sync service.

The service will be FREE (something Apple needs to learn) and will be introduces as a invite-only beta at the Mobile World Congress.

Here are additional details:

• It has a 200MB cap, so it won’t sync anything after you fill that up.

• If you sync contacts and calendar to Exchange Server, it won’t sync that data to My Phone, but can still do the rest. Ditto for Windows Live—non-Live contacts will be saved on My Phone.

• It will only run on Windows Mobile 6.x

• Syncing occurs between 11pm and 5am, unless you force a manual sync.

Visit My Phone website