Mozilla Seabird is the future

We all have seen science fiction movies with those cool gadgets that we crave. Movies right from Back to the Future to The Island show us what the future might look like. They have the flying cars, skyscrapers different from what we have today and the awesome gadgets. Technology is surely heading that way from what we have seen in the last decade. A couple of years ago, we were new to texting and as we got used to it, we got social networking which led to a whole new way to communicating and interacting. We can now see friends around our geographical location on our mobile phones and see what they are doing, and share pictures and videos with them. We can hold our phones to the radio and find out what song is playing. We can also scan barcodes of items and find best deals for the product. It’s just amazing how technology has evolved in the past decade.

Mozilla Labs has a new concept for a mobile phone. Its called the Mozilla Seabird. There have been dozens of smartphone concepts for mobile phones, but this one is a true revolution. The Seabird has a unique design, its flat from the front and curved on the back. There is a bluetooth dongle that pops out of the back that can be used as a ear piece. You can also hover it in the air to interact with the phone. Getting it closer to you will zoom in and moving it away from out would zoom out. Another great thing is that it has two projectors build in. One projects a full OS on the wall and the other projects a virtual keyboard and touch pad on the desk. That’s right. It turns into your computer!

Link: Mozilla Labs