Stacks in Windows 7

Windows 7 has been there for quite some time now and due to the public betas and RCs, many have moved to Windows 7, even as their primary OS. With Windows 7 tweaks and customizations poping up everyday from Windows 7 users, I have come across Mac OS X’s Stacks implemented onto Windows 7. And with the new taskbar, the Stacks look even more appealing and useful. In this post, I will be covering 2 different Stack applications: StandaloneStack and 7stacks.

StandaloneStack and 7stacks are both Stack applications, but provide different kinds of stacks. To be precise, StandaloneStack is the exact OS X stack in Windows, where as 7stacks is a Windows 7 optimized stack application that displays the stack in a native Windows 7 form.


Native Mac OS X stacks with 2 forms: Fan and Grid. Fan loads all files in a jump-up list and Grid loads files in grid view. Visit Website


Windows 7 optimized stacks that allows users to have stacks functionality with native Windows 7 style. 7stacks has 2 forms: Jump-list and Grid. Jump-list is similar to Fan, but looks more like native Windows 7 jump-list. Grid loads all files in grid view. However, the Grid view seems a bit cramped up. Visit Website