The 3 useful Tiny services

We all have been using TinyURL since a long time and we love it!  If you don’t know about TinyURL, it’s a URL redirection service that generates small (tiny) URLs out of long URLs and redirects the user to the original URL when the TinyURL is used. This is helpful in Mails, IM conservations and on Twitter.

However, there are other two great Tiny services. They are not by the creators of TinyURL but are great web services. They are TinyChat and TinyPaste. Lets take a look at them.


Tinychat is a web service that allows you to create chat rooms with just a click and generate a tiny URL to the chat room. You can give the URL to whom ever you want to chat with and they can join the chat room by opening the URL and entering their nick name.

Pretty quick and simple when you want to chat with friends and don’t want to use an IM client.


This one is my favorite. TinyPaste is a simple paste bin where you can type or just paste text and save it. It will generate a tiny URL for your text and you can share the URL to whomever you want to share the text with. Its great when you are debugging code and want a friend to find errors or you can use it in any creative way!