Tips for Data Privacy Day 2009!

Today marks the second Data Privacy Day, an event put together by Intel and other groups such as the EU. Its goal is to increase awareness about data privacy and computer security. Its also a nice way to share tips to secure our digital lives.

Here’s my list of Data Privacy tips:

1. Use a password prompt after screen saver wake.

2. Use a firewall - Comodo for Windows & Stock Firewall for Mac.

3. Don’t store vital data like passwords in text or word documents. Use secure password managers. KeePass for Windows and KeePassX or 1Password for Mac.

4. Most Important is Safe surfing. Use McAfee Site Advisor plug-in for Firefox or Internet Explorer.

5. Encrypt important directories or volumes with encryption utilities like TrueCrypt for Windows and Mac.

6. Use VPN while surfing from Public WiFi hotspots.

7. Don’t download files from the internet if you do not know the source. If you are un-sure of the legitimacy of an e-mail, just reply back to verify.

8. Use a light-weight AntiVirus software like ClamWin for Windows or ClamXav for Mac, to scan all files you download from the internet.

9. If you have a Wireless Router at home, enable security (I recommend WPA2-Personal).

10. Don’t allow ActiveX controls to install or modify your system, if you are not sure of the provider. This is becoming a major way of spreading malicious code.