Ubuntu Light is another Netbook OS

Netbook had become the most popular computer of the age. It was a new era in Computing. All manufacturers had all kinds of netbooks, from Acer aspire one to Lenovo to Sony Vaio P. This boom gave a rise to tons of new Operating Systems that make the “net”book more net friendly. In other words, make it rely on the cloud. So we started getting “Cloud OSes”. There came Google Chrome OS which I reviewed here, then JoliCloud OS and many different Linux distros.

However, the sales of netbooks have now dropped from a whooping 641% to just 5% !! One of the reasons people believe is the Apple iPad. But even though the sales have almost vanished, we still have innovative OSes coming out. Canonical has come up with Ubuntu Light, which is a light version of Ubuntu as the name suggests. This is a Netbook optimized version of the popular Ubuntu OS. It boots up in around 7 seconds, has a beautiful interface similar to Mac OS and runs all your favorite applications.

Canonical is offering the OS to netbook manufacturers to be pre-installed on the netbooks. If you want to run this beauty on your netbook, you can get it from Canonical here.

So that was one more OS to make you netbook perform better and faster.