VisualCron brings automation to Windows

Automation is one of the several features that makes a Mac special and more useful. However, I came across a software called VisualCron that gets automation to Windows. Not just basic task scheduling, but advanced automation like setting a list of tasks and mentioning the occurrence, exception and processes of the task. This can bu done just with a few clicks using the user-friendly ribbon UI of the application.

I gave VisualCron a try and was impressed. It allows you to do the most basic tasks like sending a mail or restarting your computer to advanced tasks like taking a backup of your blog using FTP and e-mailing you when its done. You can also set time intervals such as every month and add exceptions to adviod the task to occur at a particular time/month, etc.

VisualCron can run on a individual computer as localhost, or can be installed on a server and accessed from a client computer to set and manage tasks. Multiple servers can also be managed using the client. VisualCron license comes for $117 for personal use and $197 for businesses.

Visit VisualCron website