Windows 7 editions revealed

Microsoft had released 3 versions for Windows XP (Home Edition, Prefessional and Media Center Edition). However, they had rolled out several versions of Windows Vista that finally confused buyers and made them switch editions after purchase. Vista had 6 editions which include Vista Starter Edition, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise and Ultimate edition. After learning from their mistakes, Microsoft has decided to roll back to 3 version for their upcoming Operating system, Windows 7. The 3 versions are Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate.

Besides reducing the number of versions, it is said that they will also be offering a new speedy way of upgrading the OS. An upgrade from one version of Windows 7 to another would on take about 5-10 minutes. Personally, I think that this is the stupidest mistake as Windows 7 Home will have all the features of Ultimate edition but will be locked. The upgrade would simply unlock the features. This would give rise to hackers making patches that change the registry values and unlock all features of the OS.

UPDATE: Windows 7 is said to have 6 editions now. Here’s the list.

  • Windows 7 Starter Edition (for emerging market and netbook users)
  • Windows 7 Home Basic (for emerging market customers only)
  • Windows 7 Home Premium (the main “Media Center” equivalent)
  • Windows 7 Professional (the business SKU for home users and non-enterprise licensees)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (for volume licensees)
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (for consumers who want/need business features)

Via ZDNet Blog