Windows 8 Developer Preview released to all

Microsoft had unveiled Windows 8, its next generation operating system for PCs some time ago. Today, Microsoft has released a Developer Preview version of Windows 8 so that developers can take a glimpse at what Microsoft has in store. This time, Microsoft has released it onto the web so that anyone can download it without having a developer account for signing in with a Live ID. The download page just went up and according to the twitter stream, thousands of people have already begun downloading.

Windows 8 seems to be a tablet friendly version of its predecessor Windows 7, with the same tile interface seen on the Windows Phone 7. So far, there has been a little excitement on the new version of Windows, specially from the Windows community. You can grab a copy of the developer preview and install it on your computer. At this time, Windows 8 is not supported on Virtual Machines by Microsoft, but you are free to install it as a virtual machine to try it out. Be ware that this is not a beta version, the beta is a long time away. This is an early developer preview which is not intended to be used as your primary system.

Download Link: Windows Dev Center