Google releases QuickSearch for Mac

Quicksilver is a free application launcher that we all love. Its the first app that Mac owners install on their Macs. Today Google is released a new search-and-launch application called Google Quick Search developed by Nicholas Jitkoff, the developer of Quicksilver.

Google Quick Search not only searches Google, but also AddressBook contacts, Applications, Documenst, Music library and Calendar lists. Users can also perform a deep search by hitting Tab to drill down into possible actions to perform—like composing an email or starting an IM chat.

The application is currently just a prototype, so you can expect some glitches. But it has run smoothly for me so far. And some good news for Developers: It’s open source, just like Chrome.

Delicious founder Joshoua joins Google

The founder of Delicious (The Social Bookmarking service), Joshoua Schachter has joined Google. After selling his social bookmarking service to Yahoo, he stuck around until last June when he joined the general exodus of talent.

Well, now he hasw moved far beyond social bookmarking. Maybe, he’s working with Google on social web searching..? Who knows. According to sources, he has not been assigned a project yet but its confirmed that today is his first day at Google. Congratultions Joshoua !

Windows 7 enters public beta

Steve Ballmer, at CES 2009 in Las Vegas announced that Windows 7 can be downloaded as a free public beta from tomorrow (January 9th 09). During his keynote address on the eve of CES 2009, he said that Windows 7 will offer better performance on underpowered machines such as netbooks, support for multitouch interfaces, and simplified home networking.

Ballmer said that this would be the “best version of Windows ever” and pointed out features that implicitly acknowledged the problems with Windows Vista.

So get ready to download your free copy of Windows 7 Beta from Windows 7 webpage tomorrow.

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Google sued over Blogger comments

Liskula Cohen, a Canadian model has sued Google for a number of snarky remarks that were made by a blogger using Google’s Blogger service. According to reports, she has been called ’skanky’ and ‘an old hag’ by an anonymous blogger on a website called Skanks in NYC.

The suit that was filed in Manhattan, seeks a court order compelling Google and its Blogger service to identify the anonymous blogger. Google declined to discuss any specifics, only responding to the claim by saying they sympathize with victims of cyberbullying but “take great care to respect privacy concerns and will only provide information about a user in response to a subpoena or other court order”, so we’ll leave you with a quote from Cohen instead:

“I’m tall, I’m blond, I’ve been modeling for many years, and people get jealous,” she said. “If I had to deal with everyone who is jealous, I wouldn’t have time to do anything else.”

Soonr gives mobility to your files

Soonr is a web-based service that takes all your important files to the cloud so that you can access them remotely via a web-browser or your mobile device. Free users have 500 MB of storage. You can download the Soonr software onto your computer and select the folders that you want to keep updated on the cloud. The Soonr agent works on both, a Mac and a PC. They also have an iPhone application in the AppStore (which is also free) for those who want to access their files from the mobile device.

Soonr can also be installed on multiple computers so that you can keep them in the sync and have the files updated on all the computers. Start using Soonr now.

Get your Christmas gift from the Mac Giving Tree

As Christmas is approaching, the season of giving gifts is roaring and MacHeist; the provider of Mac application bundles has created the Mac Giving Tree. When you visit the Mac Giving Tree, you get a free Mac application! You need to be a MacHeist member or can Sign Up for free.

On Christmas day, you can visit the tree and un-wrap extra gifts lying below the tree and you get even more gifts when you refer your friends !!


AirSet takes your desktop to the Cloud

The cloud was meant for backup of important files and soon it became the home of multimedia files and now we have providers like Backblaze that backup the computer completely and upload all files to the cloud.

AirSet not only takes your files and multimedia on the cloud, but also all your applications and your complete desktop! AirSet allows users to have their own Virtual computer on the cloud with their files and data and important applications like Mail client, Calendar application and RSS feed reader. You could also add your friends to your “Network places” and share files with them. But what I find most impressive with AirSet is that you can host your website or create an intranet on your virtual computer! Thats pretty cool.

You can sign up for AirSet for FREE and start using your virtual computer right away! Visit:

If you want an alternative, you could also checkout EyeOS at

Backblaze gets complete backup solution

Data is most important and loss of data could be a great nightmare. So, Backblaze has got a solution to it. Backblaze has introduced complete online backup service that backs up your computer (Windows or Mac) completely and allows you to recover your data when you need it. The backup process is seamless so as soon as you create a file, its backed up! though you could change the setting to manual.

Backblaze is a subscription based service and they charge US$5/month or US$50/year. During recovery, you could download your files for free or could ask for it on a DVD or a USB hard drive which is chargeable.

You could try the service free for 15 days. Visit: Backblaze for more info.

If you are looking FREE solution, then you could use Mozy Home which backs up only important files that you choose for free. To get Mozy Home, click here.

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