Chrome gets an Incredible start page

Google Chrome has been out for a long time with users switching to Chrome from all different browsers. The main feature lagging in Chrome that kept users to Firefox was Extensions. But since Google has finally added support for extensions in Chrome, there are tons of cool extensions pouring into the extensions gallery. Today I have a new extension that takes your Chrome browser to a higher level.

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Trillian comes to the Mac

Trillian is a popular multi-protocol IM client for not only Windows but even iPhone and Web now. With the new Trillian Astra which is the 4.0 version of Trillian, the IM client has drastically improved with the interface, usability and features. Its my preferred IM client for Windows. Finally after a long way of development and testing, Trillian is now available for the Mac! So you can have the seamless integration among all your IM services on your Mac.

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GDrive is kind of here...

There has been news about a Google Web Drive or GDrive that will provide online storage to users. There were numerous posts on this topic on various blogs, one of them was by me over here. After all this time, Google has decided to allow users to upload all file types to Google Docs. So you can upload, store and share any type of file you want with Google Docs. There is a detailed post by Google over here.

There is also a brief storage limit section that tells you that you get 1 GB space and cannot upload a file larger than 150 MB. More storage can be purchased at 25 cents per Gig.

I think this is a great step for Chrome OS…

MacStories Apps Tree has a gift for you

Last Christmas, Mac Heist had the Mac Giving Tree with many apps that were given on Christmas Day. This year, MacStories has a huge Apps Tree with 450 Application licenses for Christmas. There are numerous Mac and iPhone applications like 1Password, MailPlane, CSSEdit, FontCase and ExpanDrive. To get your favorite application, just visit this page and follow the instructions…

MacStories will give the licenses on 22nd of December. So stay tuned…

A Review of Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS was unveiled yesterday and everyone was excited. Google released the source code of Chrome OS and the Developer build for preview. Many people read through the documentation and compiled the source to test Chrome OS. I thought to give Chrome OS a try and review it - the features, interface and speed. I tested the Developer build and made a small 4 minute video showing Chrome OS, right from booting to all menus. This will give you an idea of what Chrome OS is like and give you the feel of it, so you need not spend your time figuring out how to get Chrome OS running.

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Manage your projects with Verb

There are many ways to manage tasks and projects online. Right from simple apps that just work to complex apps that suite your needs. Verb is a new Web application that lets you manage your projects in a simple and elegant web interface. You can create projects, add tasks, set priorities and due dates and keep your self on the track. Then you can check them off as they are complete.

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Share files with Upload Robots

With the internet being used more and more everyday and increase in social networking, file sharing is of great importance. There are tons of services that lets you share files for free. Right from Dropbox to to RapidShare. However, I have been using Upload Robots for some time now and have found it to be the next step in file sharing. It has all aspects of a perfect file sharing host - Simple, Fast, Efficient. The most impressive is their interface, a beautiful website right from the front page, sign up to dashboard. After all simplicity is the key to efficiency. Also, when I first uploaded a file, I was amazed by the speed. It is seriously fast! This makes it a great choice for file sharing. Further more, It is a media temple venture so I like it even more as I love media temple.

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FileShuttle lets you share files with a drag!

With more social networking and web communications, sharing files online is becoming a basic need, and not just file sharing, its sharing files with a click! There are great solutions out there like Dropbox, ZumoDrive and many others. However, today I came across an awesome Mac application that lets you share files with a drag! The unique feature about this app is that you have to use your own FTP server to upload and share files.

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ICANN breaks free from US Government

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is breaking free form US Department of Commerce. Since 1998, ICANN had a Memorandum of Understanding with the US Government, but now has signed an “Affirmation of Commitments” which breaks ICANN free. Previously, ICANN was only answerable to the Department of Commerce, but now it is more internationally-balanced. It has its own Government Advisory Committee which will manage ICANN. Now ICANN will have to send reports to reviewers selected by its own Advisory Committee and to international governments, besides the Department of Commerce.

ICANN was criticized for delays in intentional domain name arrivals and slow to adapt measures useful to adapt browsing in other countries. But now with the new affirmation, those are expected to be overcome.

One big change brought by this is domain names in international languages. By next year, top-level domains in international languages will be available. So you could get your domain in Chinese or Russian.

More on ICANN Accouncements.

Dream Screen is HP's new tablet

Everyone was expecting a tablet from Apple. But HP has come up with their new Dream Screen tablet. It does not run Windows or Linux, but uses its own platform that can play music and videos, open photos, and run web apps like weather, facebook, etc. It comes in 10 inches (US$ 249) and 13 inches (US$ 299) and 2GB internal memory along with a HP version of Apple Remote with volume and navigation buttons. You can also hook up Memory cards and USB drives and copy content.

Personally, I think it definitely needs a web browser! and a Video-out or HDMI port. This will be useful to connect it to a LCD display to watch movies and movies from a USB hard drive. That’s what I use my Mac mini for. A DVD drive is also welcome, it will then also act as a complete media center solution. And as HP has an AppStore for their Printers, they can also release apps for this device and it will be perfect.

Releasing October 11th. Buy Now: 10 inch 13 inch