Windows 7 Pricing Announced

Microsoft has just announced the pricing of Windows 7. Windows 7 is a major OS Upgrade from previous versions of Windows yet pricing well decided. So here it goes…

Retail versions:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium: US$ 199.99
  • Windows 7 Professional: US$ 299.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: US$ 319.99

If you are using Windows XP/Vista, you can get the Upgrade version for:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium: US$ 119.99
  • Windows 7 Professional: US$ 199.99
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: US$ 219.99

Now, here comes the surprise! Microsoft is offering a special discount to users Pre-ordering the OS in the United States. So, if you are in the US, just Pre-order!!

  • Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade: US$ 49.99
  • Windows 7 Professional Upgrade: US$ 99.99

That’s definitely a pretty good deal!

Visit Microsoft’s post Pre-Order Windows 7

Yahoo! 360 turning into Yahoo! Profiles

Yahoo! has announced that Yahoo! 360, the social networking service by Yahoo! will be closing on July 13th. Yahoo! 360 consisted of a blog and “connections” or friends. The reason behind discontinuing this service is not mentioned, however users of Yahoo! 360 were sent an E-mail saying that they are re-branding Yahoo! 360 as Yahoo! Profiles. Yes, I know Google just launched Google Profiles, and this is exactly the same thing by Yahoo! but with a little bit of enhancements.

I would call this a mixture of Google Profiles with Wordpress and Twitter. The main page of Yahoo! Profile displays information about the user and a display picture, along with the status (What are you doing?). Users also get a blog and friends list.

Chrome beta rolls out for Mac and Linux

Google Chrome is one of the most preferred browsers today. Thought it was launched accidentally while the build was pre-mature, Chrome has gained a significant amount of users and is also preferred over Firefox to some users.

Chrome has only been for Windows as of now and the Mac and Linux versions were under development. However, Google has just released a beta version (which is rather a Pre-beta) of Chrome for Mac and Linux. This build is not very stable yet and Google has warned “DON’T DOWNLOAD THEM!” in their blog post here. But if you are really enthusiastic and don’t mind the little bugs, you can give it a try.

Download Mac version Linux (32 bit) Linux (64 bit)

Windows 7 to hit stores on October 22

After all the Windows 7 release date rumors, Microsoft has announced that Windows 7 will be releasing on October 22, right in time for the holiday shopping season. The release is only 1 day early to the release date of October 23 given by Acer UK’s Marketing director here.

Microsoft's Bing bings the internet

Microsoft’s Bing search engine just went live on the internet. Bing is not exactly a search engine, its a decision making engine. That’s what Microsoft says. Besides letting you search for quick facts like “Capital of Canada” or “Longest river”, it also searches for options like “Cheapest flight from Dallas to Cincinnati” and lists the flights along with the fare, timings and availability right on the search page, so you can choose conveniently. This could be used for various things like planning a vacation or Shopping online by searching for a product and getting rates of the products in all stores on a single page. Thats awesome! Besides, searching the web, Bing also has Image, Video, News and Maps search. Maps gives you directions and lists local businesses in the area. Another feature in Bing is “xRank” that shows searches made by people living near your region.

To sum it up, Bing is interesting and worth a try. Visit

Zune HD - Coming Soon...

Microsoft has just confirmed that they will be releasing Zune HD player - their successor to Zune player. Besides a MP3 player and a HD Video player, it will also serve as a Pocket internet device with WiFi connectivity and a Web browser.

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The Best of Ovi store

The news of Nokia’s Ovi store launch was everywhere. All blogs covered the news about Nokia’s attempt to get a Mobile application marketplace after AppStore’s succcess. Today, I have some of the Best apps on Ovi store. Though there are not many, I have got the list of top ten.

Read on for the list of apps….

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My Phone enters Public beta

Microsoft’s Mobile syncing service - My Phone has just entered Public beta. Users can sign up for Free by installing My Phone on their Windows Mobile 6.x phones and signing in with their .NET Passport. My Phone service will Sync your SMS messages, Contacts, Notes and Calendar online just as Microsoft Exchange. However, My Phone only syncs between 5 AM to 11 PM (unless you sync manually) and is not always active like Exchange.

For more information on My Phone, you can refer to this post.

Sign up now.

Windows 7 RC is out!

Microsoft has just put up Windows 7 RC for public download as promised. They have also sent out E-mails to all Windows 7 bet users about the announcement. Unlike the mistake initially during the beta, Microsoft had restricted the downloads to first 3.5 million clicks and was available only for a few hours. This had made heir servers tremble and all of the servers were down. Later, they removed the download limit and extended the download period. This time, they have specified that there will be NO LIMIT to product keys being handed out and the RC will be available till JUNE 2009 or further.

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Windows 7 to release on Oct 23, says Acer

Windows 7 Builds are releasing frequently now and RC1 is just around the corner. With all the Windows 7 excitement, some are also curious when is Windows 7 releasing. As the Release Candidate is ready, many are expecting Windows 7 to start shipping by June.

However, Acer UK’s Marketing director, Bobby Watkins informed PocketLint that “October 23rd is the date that Windows 7 will be available.” in a discussion. He also mentioned that users who buy a PC within 30 days of release of Windows 7, will get a free upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Via PocketLint News