Hands-on: Tweetie for Mac

Atebits is known for their great Tweetie app for the iPhone, and today they released Tweetie for Mac! it just went live for download. Tweetie for Mac has a nice slick interface with a two columns: The thin pane on the left shows the Twitter Avatar with tabs for Timeline, Replies, Messages and search. The pane on the right has a broad view for the Tweets.

Besides the beautiful interface, Tweetie offers great features such as one button URL shortening, Tweeting pics and most importantly (for some) support for multiple accounts!

Tweetie is available for $19.95 with the introductory offer of $14.95. However, you can download a fully functional version with Ad-support, just as Twitterific.

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Nokia getting ready with Ovi Store

Nokia had started a content sharing service called “mosh”. The service allowed Nokia phone users to upload and share Symbian themes, wallpapers, ringtones and graphics such as icons and menu designs. The files could be shared with selected mosh users or everyone, depending on the sharing preferences. This was a great user-created marketplace for mobile customizations.

Before some time, Nokia had announced that they will be releasing Ovi Store in May which will be a platform for publishing Symbian content. Now they are getting ready for the release and informing mosh users about the re-branding. I am a member of Nokia mosh and just received a mail from them saying that they will be re-branding this service as Ovi Store, which would focus on Applications, Games, Themes, Videos and Podcasts. It offers similar features of AppStore with iTunes Store, Software Developers can sell their applications on the Ovi Store and get 70% of the revenue.

The Ovi Store is not live yet. You can stay updated by visiting Ovi Store and signing up for updates.

Visit Ovi Store.

A look at Chrome for Mac

Google Chrome has been there for a while and captured many users, some even switched from Firefox to Chrome. Chrome has been remarkable where speed and performance is concerned, though there were issues with flash objects open simultaneously in multiple tabs. But, overall it has been doing great!

However, Google Chrome is available for Windows only and a Mac version is awaited. It is said to be released this fall. Mac users are waiting to get their hands on Chrome for Mac. Manu J, a developer has made a stripped-down, basic version of Chrome for Mac. The application does not offer all the features of Chrome, but it works, and it works fast like Chrome.

I downloaded it and tested it out for a while and was impressed, it is really fast and gives the Chrome feel on Mac. There are a few features missing, including Open in new tab, Flash support (YouTube), Deleting bookmarks, etc. but it should be good for some basic surfing and checking out Chrome on your Mac.

Here’s the link to the Download! - Download Now

Espresso gets ready for a whirl

MacRabbit, the creators of award-winning CSSEdit have launched version 1.0 of Espresso. Espresso is a text editor with support for HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. More languages are supported via plug-ins. It also enables users to synchronize with FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3, as well as manually browse using the built-in FTP client.The Live Preview feature of CSSEdit is also supported.

Espresso helps you with Coding, Organizing, Previewing, Publishing and Updating your work. It has a really slick interface with great features like Code Sense, Code folding, Smart Snippets, etc. that makes coding easy and clean. Basically, Espresso is the app every developer wants.

Espresso is priced at a whooping 59.95€ (about $80 US). This is one reason that would make a developer think once again before buying. However, you can try before you buy. Espresso has a 15 day trial available. So it would be worth taking a look first.

Gmail gets the "Undo send" feature!

Have you sent an E-mail and regretted the next moment that you hadn’t ?? This happens a lot of times. Sometimes, when you miss a point in the mail, or forget to attach a file or even send a mail to the wrong person. Well, we all have wished for an “Undo send” feature, but there was no such thing. But now there is! Gmail has just introduced the “Undo send” feature as a part of Google Labs.

When you send a mail, you can see a Mail sent notification, just like when you save a draft or archive a mail. The notification will have an Undo link and will only stay for 5 seconds. If you click on the Undo link, then the message will be opened back in the Compose tab.

To enable the Undo send feature, go to Settings -> Labs and find the Undo send feature in the list. Then click on the Enable radio button and Save Changes.

Boxee gets updated, adds Hulu back

Boxee has just updated its application and added a few updates. Hulu had stopped allowing content to be viewed in third party apps and Hulu support broke in Boxee. However, this version of Boxee fixes that. This time Boxee is pulling content from Hulu through RSS. Besides fixing hulu, Boxee has introduced AppBox. Its their first take at an application store that makes it easy for users to install new apps and plugins. I guess this will be the next media store after the iTunes store! They have also included native support for 3rd party repositories, so you don’t have to rely on boxee as a gatekeeper for what goes into the official boxee app store.

Boxee also adds an Auto-updater so that you dont need to fetch updates from their website everytime.

Get the update.

Great themes on ThemeForest

I was searching the internet for some themes for my upcoming sites and found a great resource for themes. Its ThemeForest.net You can get themes for blogs like Wordpress or Joomla or even website templetes.

Its worth a look. Visit ThemeForest.

ZumoDrive now open to the public

ZumoDrive is now open to the public! I you don’t know about ZumoDrive, you can read it on my post here. Anyways, here’s what ZumoDrive is briefly: Its an online cloud storage service that allows you to access your files on multiple devices.

The ZumoDrive iPhone application is not yet released but can be expected in the AppStore soon.

Visit ZumoDrive.com

Get all your TV shows on time with Ted

Need to stay updated with all your TV shows and don’t have the time to hunt for them ?  Here’s the simplest solution to staying updated with the latest episodes of all your favorite TV shows. Its Ted (Torrent Episode Downloader). Ted is a simple cross-platform application that allows you to select the TV shows you watch, it has a complete list with a search feature. After you set your list of shows, it will wait till the air date and then check for the episode on all torrent sites and download the torrent. You can also tell it to start the download automatically in your default BitTorrent client. That’s it! Once it is configured, it will take care of the rest. All you have to do is grab some snacks and watch your TV shows!

Ted is a freeware and is available for Download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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