Manage all your internet accounts with Fuser

Have you got several accounts on the internet and finding it difficult to manage all of them?  Then, Fuser makes things easy for you. Fuser is a web service that allows you to manage all your E-Mail mailboxes, Social network accounts and Twitter accounts from one place. Fuser currently supports Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and AOL mail for E-mail and Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for Social networking.

Note that its completely Java based and will not run on computers where Java is not installed.

The 3 useful Tiny services

We all have been using TinyURL since a long time and we love it!  If you don’t know about TinyURL, it’s a URL redirection service that generates small (tiny) URLs out of long URLs and redirects the user to the original URL when the TinyURL is used. This is helpful in Mails, IM conservations and on Twitter.

However, there are other two great Tiny services. They are not by the creators of TinyURL but are great web services. They are TinyChat and TinyPaste. Lets take a look at them.

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Firefox for Windows Mobile released

Mozilla has released the alpha version of its mobile browser called Fennec. Its available for download for all Windows Mobile phones (currently running at 480x640 resolution). As this is just the Alpha release, Mozilla has disabled soft keyboard input, program or add-on updating, and a few other features.

If you want to try out the Fennec alpha, its worth it.

Download Now (CAB File)

A preview of Postbox mail client

Postbox is a new E-mail client that was just released as public beta yesterday. It delivers E-Mails, RSS Feeds and Newsletters. I played with Postbox yesterday and found it to be “a beautiful and feature enhanced Thunderbird”. It feels like Mozilla Thunderbird but has more features like ToDo lists and tagging. The interface also looks a bit different with hooded transparent windows and pop-up menus.

So, lets run down through the features of Postbox.

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The all new AIR Marketplace released

Adobe has updated their AIR marketplace and has released a new AIR Marketplace for AIR application downloads. The marketplace is in the beta. Adobe has updated the site design and enhanced the user interface. Besides the interface, now users can view profiles of Publishers and applications submitted by them. Publishers can also be contacted through the links on the profile. The Product pages have larger previews of the applications and tabulated information about the version and download statistics. The marketplace search has also drastically improved.

Visit the AIR Maketplace

Google Sync released

Google has released a new service called Google Sync that syncs all your Mails and Contacts between your computer and mobile phone via Exchange. Its compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. The service also provides push mail and contacts. Currently the service is in beta and does not support multiple calenders.

Go configure Google Sync, visit Google Mobile Sync

Amazon Kindle 2 announced

Amazon just announced the second version of the popular Kindle ebook reader. Even though the concept of ebooks have been there since years, the Kindle has made people switch to ebooks. The first version of Kindle was a great success and the second version was greatly awaited. The new version will still cost US $359 and will start selling from February 24th. The new Kindle is much thinner than the older version and its major feature update is the new Read to Me feature, which can read any content on the device back to you in a decent-sounding computerized voice. There’s even seven times more storage, a sharper 16-level e-ink display that turns pages 20 times faster, 25 percent longer battery life, and a new five-way joystick that improves navigation.

Hotmail gets Maps and more

Microsoft has just enriched Hotmail a bit, after the recent Gmail updates. The updates go right from advertisement placement changes to maps and social networking updates. After the Unlimited storage by Yahoo Mail and continuously increasing storage by Gmail, Microsoft has also introduced its ever growing storage. The mailbox capacity keeps expanding as you get more mails. Hotmail had mailbox themes from before Gmail and others but were limited, so now they had added several themes to the collection.

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Microsoft My Phone coming soon

Microsoft has powered up their new My Phone website. My Phone is a new MobileMe kind of sync service for the Windows Mobile masses. It allows users to backup their phone into the cloud with a password, manage and update the information from the web app, and restore the backups. Its a re-branding of the SkyBox sync service.

The service will be FREE (something Apple needs to learn) and will be introduces as a invite-only beta at the Mobile World Congress.

Here are additional details:

• It has a 200MB cap, so it won’t sync anything after you fill that up.

• If you sync contacts and calendar to Exchange Server, it won’t sync that data to My Phone, but can still do the rest. Ditto for Windows Live—non-Live contacts will be saved on My Phone.

• It will only run on Windows Mobile 6.x

• Syncing occurs between 11pm and 5am, unless you force a manual sync.

Visit My Phone website

Gmail gets multiple Inboxes

Need more space for your mails?  Gmail has got multiple inboxes for you!  Google just added a new Labs feature called Multiple inboxes which allows you to do just what it says - have multiple inboxes. You can have multiple frames in the inbox view with filtered content in each inbox. The main pane can show all the inbox content and the other panes can show filtered content like Starred mails, Drafts, Mails with a specific label, etc.

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